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Our system is built in such a way that it displays all previous SMS messages you have sent to a particular phone number i.e. track all SMS conversation to the number.Click on chat history to track the Number,  Supply the phone number, you can sort the messages by 'Newest First' or 'Oldest Fiirst', then click Submit.

You don't need to always copy numbers from your mobile/PC when you can easily store in phonebook (what if you are not with your PC or the file got deleted or corrupted on your device? meanwhile you can access your phonebook anywhere and its safe). It's good culture to keep contacts in phonebook.

Store your contacts to different groups. e.g.  TOTALEEX(2500 numbers), MY-CUSTOMERS (473 numbers), COMMITTEE (302 contacts), etc.

Click MANAGE PHONEBOOK. You can Add New Group, Add New User to Phonebook, Add Multiple Numbers at once, Upload Numbers from File, Edit Group Name OR Delete Group.

Sending Messages to Group: Click COMPOSE SMS, select the drop-down menu in RECIPIENTS' field, click PHONE BOOK GROUP. Choose your desired group, fill other details.

Tracking your Phonebook Contacts: Click VIEW PHONEBOOK. You'll see all your contacts, you can now search by Username, Name, Group or Phone Number.

You can choose to deliver your messages at future date/time.

Click COMPOSE SMS, fill all fields, but click MORE OPTIONS instead of SEND SMS. Tick the box (Schedule for delivery later). Choose year (e.g. 2013, DO NOT IGNORE), select month, date and time (notice that the current time the page last loaded is filled by default to guide you in timing, just edit to your desired time of delivery).

You can also choose to add more schedules by clicking 'Add another schedule date'. In this case, the same message will be delivered at times specified.

To disable any of the schedule dates, just change the year box to IGNORE.

Click 'SEND SMS' and you will receive a notification of successful scheduling.

*Check your scheduled messages: Click MESSAGE HISTORY AND REPORTS. Notice the message status is PENDING. You can cancel the schedule before it delivers by clicking the red X link.

Note: You will not be charged for scheduling until the scheduled time reaches and message is SENT. Just make sure there is sufficient balance in your account before the scheduled time.

Just type the country code and mobile (e.g +234(706) 955 5553). In case you wish to send a message to multiple mobiles, separate the number with a coma (,).

Special attention is given to the security aspect. Password is send to registered E-mail only to prevent any misuse of this service. Your information will not be shared with any third party as per our privacy policy.

We keep records of all the messages sent by you in last 24 hrs. You can login and check the status at Sent Message in report section.

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